18 Jun

5 Easy Ways to Stand Out Just by Switching on Your Phone!

Many are touting the smartphone era as one of innovation and pocket PCs as the gift that keeps on giving. That’s all well and good, but for you, the end user of this ground-breaking tech, it might just all be about how your phone helps you accomplish one very important thing…

And that’s looking good! Have you ever considered that you weren’t really mining this rich seam of instant coolness for all it’s got? Think on that for a while.

Good, the wheels are turning! Now that you’re wondering how to get the most out of your phone, let’s go through a few pointers that will help you do just that!


1. Make sure your phone always looks its best!

image-18-06-15-10-36First impressions matter – that applies to everything from products to people, and your phone, an extension of you, is no different. It should get the same “spa treatment” you give yourself every couple of weeks.

Because you never know who might be looking over your shoulder on the subway – it might be your soulmate, and this might be the one chance you’ve got to grab her/his interest!

How do you get your phone a five-star makeover? There are countless keyboard themes, lockers and launchers out there in Google’s Play store that fit as many different personalities.

If you’re a skater for instance, you’ll find tons to show off your hobby – same goes for any other hobby, interest, mood etc. Try any theme out, and change it up every couple of weeks!


2. Showcase your digital talents and creative know-how!

Remember this rule of thumb: you might not need the latest HTC model, but you do need the latest version of the mainstream content creation apps. We’re talking Instagram, Vine, YouTube, Tumblr etc. They’re the tools every cool kid needs in order to grow their rep, and they’re all free to boot.


Even if you won’t get to be a Vine micro-star overnight, you can still hold court at school by showing off your latest slo-mo video to your friends or your loop counter going up on some quirky GIF you just posted. Use them together with other, feature-packed editing apps like Cameo or Viva Video and the results will not only look outstanding, but they’ll be more likely to get eyeballs from outside your circle of friends as well!


3. Put your phone to work, be an expert among your peers!

While many of us use apps as a way to channel our creativity, there’s also an argument to be made that using other types of apps can bolster your street cred as well. If you’re not really into artistic expression, you can give hacks a go: productivity hacks for instance will put you ahead of the pack when book reports are due and you’re firing up Evernote to get the work done faster. Pair it up with a speech-to-text app like Active Voice and you’ll be sailing to that A+ in no time – then be sure to spread the know-how and cement your expert status at school. Or you can aim for the “Most Likely to Break the Internet” superlative in the yearbook by signing up for accounts on the best social apps and sharing your coolest finds.


4. Be up on the newbie app before it’s in the spotlight!

Ello app for iOSThis one’s a little harder to do (if you didn’t know Ello just launched its app today, you’ve got to catch up!). It takes a special kind of acumen to sniff out the apps that are going to disrupt or just catch on.

Many struggle to get front and center in the public’s eye, many crater, some few get their 15 minutes of fame in before they peter out. The perfect blend of pure luck, timing and word of mouth can get an app on the road to greatness, but we’re all mostly in the dark about it until it gets featured on TechCrunch.

But, OK, let’s not despair and think this through: if you’re going to be a trendsetter, first thing you’ll want to do is soak up everything that’s new and shiny right now. Get the hang of Snapchat, invite everyone you know on Yik Yak and keep an eye out on whatever’s coming down the pike on Product Hunt.


5. Always be in the moment, and ready to capture it!

These days, we’re no longer inclined to think about posterity – that’s because everything is changing so fast and the turnover is so heady that the present takes up all our brain waves. So posterity, or the history books, isn’t something you need to think about when snapping a pic or shooting a video on your phone – what you do need to think about is instant gratification. Giving your followers instant access to a moment in your life, or a beautiful pano view of a bustling square in your hometown – this is what we value nowadays above all else. This isn’t about applying the best filters anymore, people are instead moving to the live coverage experience. So live blog events you’re at, or use Periscope (or Meerkat for Twitter, and Streamago for Facebook) to send live streams over popular social networks, and watch your follower base grow.

P.S. Be careful about going overboard though, getting too close to the action might backfire…

Use your smarts, use your smartphone right – every phone is a success story waiting to happen, if you only put your Gods of tech-given tools through their paces. Follow the advice above and let us know how fast you’ve gone up on the totem pole as a result!

Digital adopter, film hobbyist and social media dweller. Millennial by DoB, Gen Z-er by PoV. Wordsmith at heart, always and forever.

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