We love mobile. But we hate doing repetitive tasks. That’s why we’ve built an awesome automation platform. We call it Timmy.

Here at T-Me Studios we believe that humans should spend their time doing awesome new things. It’s cool to do something new and exciting. Not so cool to imitate what somebody else has already done or repeat the same thing you’ve done in the past. That should be the work of smart platforms.
For us, all that work is done by Timmy.

Timmy is our in-house platform built for app creation, management and automation. We’ve built it because we are app developers ourselves and after looking around for what we needed, nobody was offering something like Timmy

Timmy can create 5000 new APKs faster than you could say Jack Robinson. It can handle our app creation and it’s smart enough to create a template from any app, so we can instantly reskin it with endless types of interfaces. The Canvas module is an online phone emulator which can modify the app’s interface with no coding knowledge required. An artist can create a totally new app from scratch.

Timmy has a comprehensive dashboard – Conflux – created to handle our portfolio of over 6000 apps – a very useful feature for developers with big portfolios. Through Conflux we can update our entire portfolio in under 2 hours. Good developers know localizing the app in the users’ language is important so Timmy handles all our app’s strings and automatically translates any new string we might add.

We’ve enhanced our Timmy platform with a mobile version – Timmy Android SDK through which we handle all the dynamic requests from any A/B test we might want. The platform communicates with the SDK and allows us to instantly change our apps with no update required (flags, ad mediation, button locations, buttons design, etc.)

Timmy is smart:

  •  Scalable – he can manage giant app portfolios
  •  Can do app stores submission, app updates, string translations
  •  Handles app management, app development, app store management
  • Helps you with dynamic A/B  app interface testing – no update required


We’re always looking for new kickass members! If you’re interested, here’s our shortlist:

  • brilliant at your craft – could be anything from coding to art to QA
  • outgoing, friendly and generally create an awesome vibe around you
  • determined to do non-boring stuff
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