06 May

HackaTMe – Anatomy of a Hackathon with 2,500€ in Prize Loot or More!

The HackaTMe is taking over the Internet and welcoming new participants every day! Join the teams at the starting line, by clicking here. Psst! Hurry up, we’re capping attendance at 40 hackers!

Got any questions about the HackaTMe hackahton? Click on the image below to reveal a nifty infographic that answers all the W’s and more! Or just reach out to us directly through the usual channels :)



1. Why should YOU enter?

– you’ve been dabbling with code and want a challenge
– you’re a long-time coder and want to see how you stack up to the competition
– you already know you’re a great dev, and you’re looking to connect with others of your caliber
– you know you can win and you want the prize $ (no judgment here:))


2. Why are we doing it?

– The idea for the 1st T-Me Studios hackathon mostly came about as a fun in-house activity. Then we thought, why keep it to ourselves? 
– we also want to give back to the hacking community and shine a light on the white hats among us
– we love coding and innovating and want to be around like-minded peeps
– we might offer some of you guys and girls a place on our team!


3. What’s the deal with the 500 Euro extra for gender-inclusive teams?

– T-Me Studios wants to give girl coders a hand
– We want a better feel of how (and maybe even open a Romanian chapter of the Girls Who Code movement)
– we know that Romania’s got girls in STEM and girl coders and want to show them off to the world!
– we’re fans of Sheryl Sandberg and #leaningin and we’re looking for the next Ava Lovelace or Grace Hopper!


4. What’s the next step?

– get your coding team in place – only the best… and as few as possible, so each of you gets a larger slice of the prize pie ;)
– sign up by clicking the “Sign up” button or via the form embedded just below this post.
– wait for our confirmation email – if you don’t get it, drop us a line on here
– get plenty of sleep on the 5th! ;)

See you there!

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