07 Oct

Android and iOS developers wanted for world domination, challenging projects

We’re building an army to conquer the world.


Lots and lots of brains.


We need passionate, forward-thinking mobile developers to lead the charge! Android, iOS and web. Or a mix. You just gotta love it.

Don’t get scared. If you see this ad and you think you’re not good enough, just put the brakes on that train of thought. You don’t even know how great you can be, in the right context, with the right team, working on the right project.

Give it a shot!

Our products (so far)



Visual communication with stickers and gifs has exploded. But language and emotions are so complex that generic sticker packs and gifs cut out from movies just aren’t enough. Dozens of languages, hundreds of expressions, thousands of inside jokes. We’re building original animations for each and every one.

Communication through digital art.



Redraw Keyboard

ezgif.com-optimize (3)

The Android keyboard to rule them all.

1M downloads in 20 days and growing. Hundreds of original themes and stickers.

It’s now the best rated third-party keyboad on Google Play.


Themes & live wallpapers
We own the largest portfolio of themes and live wallpapers on Google Play. 500.000 daily downloads.



Let’s get down to business

How does it pay?

That’s up to you. If you’re great, it pays a lot. If you’re not, we’ll help you get there. We never miss payday. Never. No excuses.

What about the hours?

And that’s really because work-life balance is bullshit. Life doesn’t pause at 9am and restarts at 5pm. When you’re at work, guess what, life happens, you’re stil breathing. It’s still your life and it should damn well be a great one. There’s no excuse for a shitty life at work. Work should mean something to you. Your colleagues should care about you. You should care about what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with. Time doesn’t go backwards so don’t throw it away. Work on something you like. Work on something you care about. Work on your legacy.

How’s the office?

Some people say it’s kinda like Facebook, but better :) We’re located in one of the newest office buildings in Bucharest (Skanska Green Court). It was designed from scratch by a team of young architects and decorators that love T-Me so they put the very soul of the company into every corner. If only for that you should come in to check it out. #nopressure #greatcoffee

How’s the team?

See for yourself. Search for T-Me Studios on LinkedIn and get in touch. Don’t trust me, the writer of this post, ask them directly. They don’t bite ;) Also, our Facebook page does a pretty good job showing how things really are around here.

What else?

At T-Me, your work hits tens of millions of users. That’s a f***ing big party to plan. But everyone can plan a small party. Don’t be everyone. Be special. Be f***ing great, because great people own the world. Don’t settle for less.

We’re probably the biggest mobile publisher in Romania our apps having been installed on more than 160M devices. However, we’re not slowing down, we want to be the biggest in Europe and have a strong say in shaping the digital world.  

T-Me Studios was started by two guys in 2013 at a local Starbucks. Fast forward 3 years, we’re 60+ people, renting a 600-square meter space in one of the newest office buildings in Bucharest, gliding from one corner to another on Segways and scooters.

Wanna be on stage when we tell the story 5 years from now, with our very own F8-style conference? Join us so we can build the next chapters together.

matei@timmystudios.com / LinkedIn

Digital adopter, film hobbyist and social media dweller. Millennial by DoB, Gen Z-er by PoV. Wordsmith at heart, always and forever.

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