Brand Identity – Best Practices for Usage by the Press

If you’re a member of the press and want to write about us and use our logos or promotional images in your article, we’ve compiled here a short guidebook streamlining how our brand and sub-brand names and logos should appear online.


Brand Name

T-Me Studios (read, ‘timmy studios’) is a three-year-old Bucharest, Romania-based company that develops mobile apps. Our portfolio comprises of over 10,000 personalization apps for Android (including keyboard themes, wallpapers, launcher and locker themes, watchfaces and more) and, as of September 2016, counts among them our highest-profile app yet – Redraw Keyboard.

Nota bene: Even though the company name appears written as ‘timmystudios’ in both our Facebook page username and our corporate website, the only acceptable way to reference our company in writing is ‘T-Me Studios.’



You can find the T-Me Studios logo included in the press kit linked to below. When using these logo, please ensure that:


  1. the absolute minimum size of the T-Me Studios logo is 100×100
  2. there is enough contrast between the logo and the background. Nota bene, the logo is meant to be placed on a white background.


Promotional images

The apps in T-Me Studios’ portfolio contain a vast and growing array of themes, wallpapers and stickers designed by artists in the employ of T-Me Studios. As such, T-Me Studios is the full and sole owner of the artwork and fair use of any such material should mention T-Me Studios and link to this website (


All art included in the apps in T-Me Studios’ portfolio can be used in articles, via screenshot or by request at ioanina.pavel [at], provided that the articles refer to T-Me Studios specifically or cover mobile apps in general and refer to the apps in our portfolio tangentially. To wit, either:

  1. your article revolves around T-Me Studios and contains within a link to this website or to the Play Store listing of one of our apps; or
  2. your article touches on T-Me Studios at any point, in which case you should caption any and all imagery from T-Me Studios with the company name (‘T-Me Studios’) and provide a link to this website (


For a few instances of the artwork included in our apps, please refer to the Press Kit below.


Last, but not least

Neither the artwork used in T-Me Studios’ apps nor the company logo shall be used for other purposes than the ones outlined above. This includes, but is not limited to, said artwork or logo being placed on merchandise or used in a way as to suggest an endorsement by T-Me Studios of another product or company.


In case of any confusion or for any questions regarding these guidelines, please email our PR department at ioanina.pavel [at]


Press Kit