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29 Nov

There’s no ‘I’ in T-Me, But There’s a ‘We’ in Our Awesome Sauce — Here’s the Recipe!

  Happy 3rd Anniversary, T-Me Studios! Matt and Lawrence don’t exactly remember the date they got together at Starbucks to strike up a new business venture together — but, when I asked, the very day I came on board back in February 2015, they could agree on ‘late November 2013,’ so I slapped a round 11/22 on […]

11 Jun

HackaTMe Storified – How We Did It, Told in Slides [TL;DR]

At the end of one month and a half’s worth of blitz campaigning and carpet mailing to get the word out about the HackaTMe hackathon event, we’re finally happy to report that it all worked out great. Not to toot our own horn, but the HackaTMe was carried off with a lot of help from […]

06 May

HackaTMe – Anatomy of a Hackathon with 2,500€ in Prize Loot or More!

The HackaTMe is taking over the Internet and welcoming new participants every day! Join the teams at the starting line, by clicking here. Psst! Hurry up, we’re capping attendance at 40 hackers! Got any questions about the HackaTMe hackahton? Click on the image below to reveal a nifty infographic that answers all the W’s and more! […]

22 Apr

No Dress Code, Just Code-Code – Win 2,500 Euros at the T-Me Hackathon!

T-Me Studios, one of the leading mobile app developers in Europe, is happy to announce its first ever 24-hour hackathon, taking place in Bucharest, on the 6th and 7th of June, at the We Love Digital HQ. Ioanina Digital adopter, film hobbyist and social media dweller. Millennial by DoB, Gen Z-er by PoV. Wordsmith at […]

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