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02 Aug

The drive of these three Divergent Academy interns will change your mind about Gen Z

The T-Me Studios-founded Divergent Academy is just two months old, but it’s already off to a promising start in its quest to attract young people to the Romanian IT industry and...

07 Oct

Android and iOS developers wanted for world domination, challenging projects

We’re building an army to conquer the world. The battleground? Mobile phones. Our weapon? Apps. And art. And brains. #jobs #tmestudios Click To Tweet   Lots and lots of...

30 Mar

ASO Case Study: How We Grew App Installs by 200% in Two Months

Much has been written about apps’ fruit-fly lifespan in the App Store. But as far as some Android devs are concerned, there’s another story that needs telling: the life...

20 Apr

Marketing How-To for Mobile App Devs

Why is it that some mobile themes we make here at T-Me Studios get an insane amount of downloads – they’re free by the way, so that doesn’t factor...

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