02 Aug

The drive of these three Divergent Academy interns will change your mind about Gen Z

The T-Me Studios-founded Divergent Academy is just two months old, but it’s already off to a promising start in its quest to attract young people to the Romanian IT industry and help it change its focus from outsourcing to locally-made tech products.

The Academy’s first order of business, a summer internship program for high schoolers, had T-Me and partner companies MReady and GameDev Academy sifting through tens of applications, looking for the brightest young minds to shape and train over the course of one month, or more.

‘I’ll intern here until someone kicks me out!’ (Tudor, 17 yo)

The pick of the litter, the interns whose applications to Divergent Academy made it to the top of the pile, weren’t chosen for their grades or academic achievement (that wasn’t even on the questionnaire). Instead, as Andreea Per, program coordinator for Divergent Academy, tells me, ‘what we looked for were those young people who best fitted the “divergent” profile’ — to wit, whose answers showed a spark, a hunger for learning and an original, divergent style.’

Officially, the plan is, they’ll work side by side with us for a month or so, get a feel for the things we do here at T-Me, and then figure out if they’re staying on through the end of the summer. Unofficially, one week in, they’ve already made up their minds to stay until school starts — David and Victor have their senior year ahead of them, while Tudor will be a junior come fall. ‘Even if I didn’t come here, it’s what I’d be doing all summer anyway,’ explains Victor, and David rejoins: ‘At least, in coming here, I’m doing something more than I’d normally be doing.’

What is that, exactly? T-Me isn’t all about coding, just like IT and tech isn’t just about the backend, and the guys are here to learn the ins and outs of the business, not just churn out code. So each of the high schoolers chose a different department to intern for: David is coding a ‘slider-like image previewer’ for our core Android apps, Victor is working on a web app that our graphic designers use to load the app resources and elements they draw, while Tudor has teamed up with our head of SEO/ASO, to learn marketing and optimization through A/B testing. To his credit, the reasoning behind choosing the marketing department is sound: ‘I figured it’s not something I can easily learn on my own… The field is still pretty new, but it’s important, especially if you want to start a company.’

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