T-Me Studios has a sound understanding of the difference a top-notch team and product make in the growth of a company. We are also committed to helping the younger generations develop a taste for the tech sector from an early age.



It’s our belief that the takeaways from our experience building both a fine-tuned team and top-flight products can be applied across the board in Romania, where we are headquartered.

As such, we have founded Divergent Academy to help the Romanian tech industry shift its focus from outsourcing software to developing first-class tech products.


Other initiatives

HackaTMe (June 2015) was a ‘gender-inclusive’ hackathon meant to raise awareness to the stereotypes in tech that prevent girls from becoming coders.

The World Vision Sponsorship (2016) is a 4-year program meant to keep disadvantaged teenagers in school, by having them engage in extracurricular activities, offering them counseling, catering to their personal development and sending them to summer camps.