Redraw Suite

Redraw Locker


Redraw Locker is the locker app that suits every personalization need at the lock-screen level. It comes with a large array of themes and lets users set a pin code, as well as choose the apps featured on the lock screen, for quick access.

Redraw Keyboard


Redraw Keyboard is a full-featured Android keyboard with baked-in gamification, hundreds of themes, stickers, emojis and more. It was launched in early September 2016 and reached its first million installs in less than three weeks.

  • Key numbers: 10 million users around the world (top 5 countries: India, USA, The Philippines, Indonesia Mexico), 165,000 DAU, 1 million MAU, 47% day-1 & 22,5% day-7 retention rates
  • Featured on AMC, the Consumer Electronics Special segment, produced by NewsWatch

Redraw Launcher


Redraw Launcher is an app launcher designed for users who need their customization options to be more granular when it comes to defining the appearance of their home screen. The range of looks that Redraw Launcher offers its users is limitless, comprising of skins, icon packs and fonts which users can mix and match for unique results that express their own personal style.

Social apps

te-lupti-cu-morile-de-vant stickchat

Stickchat is a sticker app for iOS and Android featuring generic as well as branded content that was soft-launched, to great reviews, in July 2016 and is scheduled for a wide release soon.

(Click the image to see the animated sticker)


stickchat logo

Key numbers: Stickchat became one of the top 5 social apps on both the App Store and Google Play, in its test market (Romania), and, within less than a year from launch, boasts 270 thousand users, and 45% day-1 & 22% day-7 retention rates.



trag-un-pui-de-somn stickchat

Stickchat was the first app in Romania to feature brand emoji (25 animated stickers featuring the likeness and lyrics of the pop singer Smiley). The collectibles’ campaign yielded promising results: >77K uniques; >1M sessions by registered users; 580K collected stickers.

 Personalization Apps


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