28 Sep

Redraw.io – How to Get Your Art Noticed by Millions of Phone Users

Welcome, creative mind and casual visitor alike! We’re the team of T-Me Studios (sounds like “Timmy”), one of those lucky tech startups where digital natives thrive and bold ideas are bounced around the office like shuttlecocks. One of those ideas that stuck was Redraw.io.


We set out to build a custom-made interface for your smartphone and attracted millions of loyal users to our beautiful, artist-drawn mobile themes. Then we thought, why stop there, what’s the next challenge? The answer was letting go of the personalization reins, so that anyone could pick them up, and do what we’ve been doing: themes. Themes to use on their own phones or, like us, to release out into the world, for anyone to download.

Our first software-as-a-service, Redraw.io, is our unique, innovative proposition, to you, for a new standard in mobile UI theming… and it’s now here, in BETA, free for you to use! It’s how we’re empowering you to achieve the maximum degree of personalization, without needing to know any code. Just draw your best looking app skins, add your own icons, fonts and backgrounds, and Redraw will churn out your theme’s APK.



No code, no strings, just taste.


Redraw - Get your art in front of everyone!It doesn’t get more personal than this. With Redraw.io, any mobile user is able to theme phones, their own or any other! Artists in particular will be able to take full advantage of this new expression outlet: they can work their own unique art and vision into as many different themes as they’d like.

We’re then letting theme-makers tap into our large distribution network on the app stores, and get their art (in theme form) downloaded and seen by literally every mobile user out there!

It’s the next step in art: getting the promotion efforts reduced to a minimum, expanding the art-show canvas to billions of mobile screens, and increasing artists’ reach to everywhere and everyone in the world!

And the best of it all is there’s no downside to theming with Redraw: the themes you create and choose to make public will be yours, even if we distribute them on Google Play and they reach hundreds of millions of installs, like T-Me themes have done for years now.

You will just be leveraging the free Redraw.io platform to make money from, and get exposure for your art!



Major changes afoot in mobile users’ behavior


T-Me Studios, the brainchild of two young start-uppers, burst onto the app stores with a bang: its mission was building personalization apps. It’s so far made a name for itself for excelling at diversifying the everyman’s experience with that most personal of items – the smartphone. We do launchers, keyboards, lockers, live wallpapers, watch faces and everything in between, in an effort to come up with as many graphic variations as there are smartphones out there.

That’s… a lot of phones to theme! And, while there’s something to be said about aiming high and scaling massively, the CEOs soon came to realize there was no amount of talent that we could ever hire for T-Me  to put out enough skins to fit the needs of every single smartphone user out there. Some themes will be completely lost on the colorblind, for example. Plus of which, while there’s no accounting for taste, there’s also no accounting for how fast our tastes change – particularly when it comes to something as fiercely personal as our phones. How will we ever keep up with the user who burns through launchers like one burns through socks?

The epiphany we had is… we won’t be able to keep up, and we shouldn’t. We shouldn’t have to strive to monopolize this theming power. We should strive to democratize the theming process. Because that’s where the mobile market is heading anyway, towards ever more granular personalization.

Make mobile your new canvas!

That’s what Redraw.io is all about: giving away our proprietary personalization platform. It’s the same easy-to-use tool that has enabled T-Me artists to create themes for years now, and for a profit. The idea behind this release is two-pronged:


  • to help artists realize their full potential in reach, by getting their art in front of millions of eyeballs through a medium (mobile) that’s so new it often feels prohibitively technical. But it’s also so popular artists can’t afford to ignore its potential. Because mobile is the new exhibit space where art gets seen by everyone in the world! And now, thanks to Redraw.io, the non-techies can theme phones too, without writing one line of code!
  • to help non-artists finally have the last word on how they want their phone to look. Redraw.io is free for dabblers and artists alike, because we strongly believe…


Are you ready to take us up on our challenge, to equip your art with the best chance of reaching the screenagers? If you’d like to be among the pioneers that start cornering 21st century’s untapped mobile art market, try Redraw.io and get creative! We’d love to hear your feedback on Redraw.io, and we’ll be sure to integrate your suggestions in the final version that we’ll be launching soon – send them along at ioanina [at] redraw.io

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