Keyboard for Android

With some of the best performing apps across the verticals it operates in, T-Me Studios boasts high retention rates and consistently high ratings.

The team is open to opportunities for partnerships with other players, in the tech industry and beyond. Those looking to license keyboards and build on the Android keyboard code developed by T-Me Studios can expect to achieve the same high level of engagement from users and positive reviews on the Play Store.

T-Me Studios licenses code and provides quality original content for the following apps:

Keyboard for Android


Wallpaper app


The third-party keyboard for Android OS changes the look of the keyboard in hundreds of possible ways, taking full advantage of the openness toward granular customization that defines the Android ecosystem. The keyboard app comprises keyboard themes, custom backgrounds, key colors, fonts and even key-press sounds.

The wallpaper app provides users with a variety of wallpapers which they can choose from, to change the background on their phones at any given time.

Keyboard for iOS


The third-party keyboard for iOS is a great alternative to the default keyboard in that it allows the user to customize the way the keyboard looks in any number of ways – through a wide array of themes, key colors and fonts, as well as a large assortment of key-press sounds.

Android launcher


The Android launcher app replaces the default launcher on users’ phones, allowing them to change every detail about the app’s look and functionality. Complete with themes, custom elements, icon packs and an impressive selection of live wallpapers, the launcher app takes personalization to a whole new level.

Android locker


The Android Locker app provides an alternative to the default lockscreen found on Android phones. It allows users to choose from a large variety of locker themes (skins), as well as letting them define a pin screen code and the four quick-access apps that they use most frequently.