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No Dress Code, Just Code-Code – Win 2,500 Euros at the T-Me Hackathon!

T-Me Studios, one of the leading mobile app developers in Europe, is happy to announce its first ever 24-hour hackathon, taking place in Bucharest, on the 6th and 7th of June, at the We Love Digital HQ.

tmestudios-hackatme-girls-hackathon[UPDATE] We’re upping the stakes! In keeping with the global movement that furthers the push for more girls in tech, we’re offering a 500 Euro bonus to the winning team if one of its members is a kick-ass member of the fairer sex! Every major player from Facebook to Google’s doing it, and so we’re proud to pitch in and make tech more inclusive!

So, if you work, breathe or dream in code, go ahead and sign up here for a weekend of doing what you love.

Oh, plus a chance to take home cold hard cash!

  1. The winning team gets 1,500€ (or 2,000€ with a girl coder on board)
  2. The runner-up gets 1,000€ (or 1,500€ with a girl coder on board) …

…and more street cred than you can carry!



The top and runner-up prizes at the No Dress Code Just Code-Code hackathon will be awarded by our judges (among whom top T-Me devs, Radu-Sebastian Amarie from Softbinator, Bogdan Iordache, from How to Web, Conectoo and 3TS Capital, and Orlando Nicoara, from We Love Digital) to the best two teams of coders who will take part and develop their awesome products on the spot, from scratch.

The teams can be made up of however many people (no less than two, though). Also, if you want to compete but can’t get a team together – drop us a message on Facebook (or let us know through the signup form) and we’ll hook you up with one.

As far as general conditions of entry, there’s basically one cardinal requirement: competency.  The core rules that will govern our 24-hour hackathon:


  1. Participants need to be expert coders. Also, even if you’re tinkering on something at home, you can’t turn that in here. In other words, no existing code please.
  2. Also, we’re looking to build functional products (no PPTs, that goes without saying). Can you go from zero code to full-fledged viable product? That’s the 2,500€ question!
  3. Your code will be audited by our panel of judges, so don’t try anything fishy! (You can of course still use open-source libraries and frameworks.)


And, while we’re on the subject, here are the judging criteria of #HackaTMe (the official hashtag by the way, feel free to spread it around!):

    • Innovation (to what extent is your project unique and pioneer?)
    • The degree of completion (how much of the core feature did you get done till the closing bell?)
    • Complexity (how difficult was the technical challenge of building your prototype, were there any hardcore algorithms involved?)
    • Business applicability (does your product fill a need, would it sell, or be of interest to investors?)


hackathon-hackaTMe-TMeStudios (small)FOOD:

The 24-hour time-frame might sound like a recipe for a splitting headache – but rest assured, we’ve got your back!

We’ll keep you well-fed throughout, with snacks and sandwiches at the ready (made with TLC by Sunday Bagels), plenty of coffee and energy drinks for all, “brain food” to feed an army (nuts and the like).

All that, of course, on top of the important meals of the day – lunch and dinner on the first day and breakfast on Sunday.

As far as time-outs, the clock never stops ticking: it will be up to you if you want to break for lunch or eat at your desk.

P.S. We’ll also have sweet treats courtesy of Happy Friday, and waffles, so… don’t waffle, sign up now!



We’ve scheduled the hackathon for just before the heat wave rolls in, on the first weekend of June, and found the perfect venue for it too. You’ll be showing your mettle in the spanking new open-space digs of We Love Digital - 30, Dacia Blvd, 2nd floor, 1st sector, Mecano Building.

The day of coding will keep to the following time table:


10 AM – We all meet and greet and mingle

11 AM – The hackathon kicks off


10 AM – The closing bell wraps things up

10:30 AM – The teams present their prototypes

11:30 AM – The judges announce the winners



Join us, and spread the word using the #HackaTMe hashtag on Twitter! You can go ahead and apply here or use the following form:

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Check out our rules [in Romanian] here:

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