27 Jul

Training for Tinder Takes the App Stores by Storm!

We’re bursting with pride today! That’s because the new game by the indie devs of T-Me Games has been featured on Product Hunt! We’ve snagged you some promo codes, grab them after the jump!

UPDATE: Now available for Android users as well! Check Training for Tinder out on Google Play!


Training for Tinder – Swipe Your Way to Tinder Mastery!

On the face of it, Training for Tinder is about training your thumb to be better at swiping on Tinder – never swipe left on your soul mate again, goes the tagline. But aside from it getting you in shape for picking out possible mates on Tinder, the popular dating app, Training for Tinder has parody at its core. Meaning it’s more about the campy, less about the boot camp.

The game is rich on cartoonish graphics, funny placeholders for the real-deal profile pics you’d find on Tinder – the blondes, brunettes, the four eyes, the gap-toothed, the cuties, the foxy ladies and the rugged machos, they’re all streaming down your screen at full pelt. The speed increases with every new level you conquer, and so does the unpredictability: the colorful medallions may be sliding downwards, but they might also just switch it up all of a sudden, to keep you on your toes!

And your mission, should you choose to accept it? Swipe left on blondes, or right on smiling cougars… then try swiping left on wide-eyed pony-tailed cap-wearing 20-something brunettes in the stream!  Whether or not you make it to the Big Leagues is entirely up to you, and your ability to push through carpal tunnel syndrome!


Get in Tip-Top Tinder Shape for FREE!

Do you want to give Training for Tinder a spin? You can… free of charge! We’re very tight with the devs of T-Me Games – their lair is after all just down the hall from us! – so we pulled some strings for you guys! Take advantage of these free promo codes by liking their page:


…Just beware, the mechanics are tough and addictive enough to keep you engaged for just one more level… or ten. The night ahead will be a long one. But we can all agree it’s better to get locked out of a higher level on mock-Tinder than luck out in the real-life dating app!

The game devs of T-Me Games will keep the antics going and they’re interested in getting your feedback on your TfT experience so far – this is version 1.0 after all, so have your say on the T-Me Games FB page about any new possible combos and challenges!

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